2020 NDRN Virtual Annual Conference


WEEK 1 - June 1 - 4, 2020

Session 1


Session 2

Elections, Access and COVID-19

P&A Orientation Elections

Session 3

Elections, Access and COVID-19

Lessons Learned from the Past Year of Rep Payee Reviews

Session 4

Integrating Values and Principles into Daily Practice

Elections, Access and COVID-19

Session 5

Getting Passed Perfunctory - Engage PAIMI AC

Tackling Medicaid Waiver Cuts and Waiting Lists

Session 6

Navigating SSA Policies with P&A Values

Tackling Medicaid Waiver Cuts and Waiting Lists

Session 7

COVID in Justice Settings

Using Financial Information to Manage Program Work/P&A finances

Session 8

Detecting and Responding to Misuse & Immediate Harm

Tackling Medicaid Waiver Cuts and Waiting Lists

Session 9

State Mental Institutions and Educational Visits: A different Kind of Rep Payee Review

Tackling Medicaid Waiver Cuts and Waiting Lists

Session 10

Cross P&A Monitoring and Collaboration

Strategic Communication: The Right Message for The Right People

Session 11

Financial Needs Issues and VR: Questions and Answers

P&A Staff Self-Care 2.0

Session 12

Your Disability Counts: Voter Education and Mobilization

The Americans with Disabilities Act in Prison

WEEK 2 - June 8 - 12, 2020

Session 13

Approaches to Investigations in Institutions and the Community

DOL Wage and Hour Role in Sheltered Workshops

Session 14

Approaches to Investigations in Institutions and the Community

Competitive Integrated Employment - The Time is Now

Session 15

Approaches to Investigations in Institutions and the Community

Due Process Institute

Session 16

Considering Intersectional Claims in Disability Discrimination

Special Education Records Review

Session 17

Implementing Lessons Learned from SDM Pilot Projects

Preventing Adult Mis-incarceration: Community-Based Service Models and Advocacy for Jail Inmates


Session 18

When the P&A is the Plaintiff: Issues Related to Standing

Due Process Institute

Session 19

Promising Practices in Fair Housing

Working with People with Complex Communication Needs

Session 20

Guardianship and the Right to Vote

Protecting Student Rights in an Atmosphere of Fear

Session 21

Promoting Informed Choice in Olmstead Litigation

Due Process

Session 22

Federal Update to P&A Programs

Understanding the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Model of Supported Employment

Session 23

Making Hard Choices: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Brief Assistance

Olmstead in States without Large Institutions

Session 24

Service Animals

Due Process Institute

Session 25

An Update from RSA

Supporting Safe Practices in Your Advocacy

Session 26

Disability and Aging, Aging and Disability

Responding to Illegal Restraints

Session 27

Due Process

How We Survive: Disability-Centric Crisis Management

Week 3

Session 28

Building Relationships: Effective Education Advocacy in American Indian Communities

Legal Directors Meeting

Session 29

Increasing Engagement with Self-Advocates in P&A Work

Legal Directors Meeting

Session 30

Continuing Issues in VR

Legal Directors Meeting

Session 31

Disability Identity and Navigating the Hiring Process

Developing Agreements to Promote Juvenile Justice Diversion of Youth with Disabilities

Session 32

Effective Transition Approaches and Strategies

The Voter Experience: 2018 Data & 2020 Voter Surveys

Session 33

Special Education in the Time of COVID-19

Olmstead Litigation in Nursing Facilities

Session 34

Enhancing Your Program Management Skills

Working with the Media on Restraint and Seclusion

Session 35

Avoiding New Threats to Medicaid Enforcement

Reaching Unserved SSI/SSDI Beneficiaries

Session 36

Access Authority and Records

Dispelling the Myth of Mental Health Disabilities as the Cause of Mass Violence

Session 37

P&A Advocacy and the HCBS Settings Rule

Public Policy Update

Session 38

Assisted Living - Housing with Services

Employment Networks: the Glue for Many Workers with Disabilities

Session 39

Drafting Effective OCR Complaints

Investigating and Monitoring in PRTFs

Session 40

Enforcing Elections Accessibility

Setting Up Year 3 for Success

Session 41

Effective PATBI Advocacy

Millenials in the Workplace

Session 42

Ensuring In-Home Services for Children with Medically Fragile Conditions

Fired Up: Lessons Learned from the Facing Flames Regional Workshop Series